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Thursday, May 19, 2005

[E] Hot Air

When American energy lobby and their tame scientists and Presidents deny dangers of global warming (or, more PC put, climate change), that's not news. But when a widely respected senior scientist, a botanist David Bellamy joins them (in a letter to New Scientist, a reputable British weekly for amateur science fans), that is something completely different.

George Monbiot of AlterNet did an excellent job of tracing Bellamy's sources. It would be highly entertaining were it not sad.

See IceAgeNow, an amusing site of a charlatan or fraud peddling his book on incoming ice age.

Not all people giving space to climate change skeptics are cuckoos or frauds; see, for example, here.

Actual climatologists debunk most outrageous "sceptics'" claims, comment recent news and generally conduct a lively discussion here.

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