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Thursday, October 14, 2004

[E][P] Supreme Revenge

As you probably know, a country cannot be a member of Council of Europe (not to be confused with European Council) if it practices capital punishment; the organization is meant only for relatively civilized nations. (Admidetly, savages such as USA (see further) are sometimes granted observer status.)

Curently in the USA there are 73 people on 'death row' who commited their crimes when under 18 years old. 'The Boston Globe' has an article on Supreme Court's recent deliberations on constitutiality of death penatlies for minors (who are deemed not mature enough to have a beer or consent to sex). According to the article, one of the Justices, "Anthony Kennedy, appeared to be skeptical about banning death sentences for 16- and 17-year-olds, citing ''chilling" examples of gruesome murders committed by 17-year-olds." Obviously, the Justice (and not only he, alas) does not comprehend the difference between justice, penalty and Old Testamen-style revenge.

Deliberations were witnessed by Chinese Chief Justice. He was pleased to anounce that the People's Republic has renounced this barbaric practice (Somalia did that some time ago), leaving the USA the last country in the world to institutionally kill people for crimes they commited as children (they gave up on retarded criminals two years ago).

Let me also remind you that more than 100 death row inmates were recently exonerated by DNA tests. If you are USA citizen due to vote soon, please also remember how your half-wit extremely poor excuse for President gloated describing how a female Texan awaiting lethal injection begged for mercy, which he, as a Governor, naturally denied. He found it very funny. (Speaking of injections, AFAIK a physician has some role in conducting death penalty; have they forgotten their Oath of Hippocrates?)

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