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Saturday, October 30, 2004

[E][P] Bin Laden Jumps Into Campaign

The new Bin Laden's tape appeared some three days before American presidendial elections. Bin Laden look almost academical, sitting at the lectern, "clean shaved, as far as these folks get", as Walter Cronkite put it at CNN. Naturally, Bin Laden attcked Bush. Also naturally, this helped Dubya (although just slightly, judging by polls). Again, in paraphrased Cronkite's words, "this is as if Karl Rove got him to reappear". One can draw one of two conclusions:

1) Bush is actually better for Bin Laden that Kerry. OK, no surprises there, we knew that.

2) Now, the other possibility is too terrible to contemplate, because it would mean that the most radical conspiracy theorists were right. I refuse to even think about it.

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