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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

[E] Boom again? (I hope not!)

Down the short Rue Greuze in which I temporarily live are embassies of Spain and Thailand. For the last week or so in front of the later are those omnipresent (in Paris) barricades used for corraling pedestrians for the purpose of avoiding falling into a hole in the pavement, making show ticket queues more orderly, keeping streets free for Tour de France competitors or trying to keep protesting students in check. Barricades are manned by half a dozen soldiers and few police officers; two military 4WDs are always here. But, as pedestrians (i.e. me) are not stopped, I was not nervous about that. However, two days ago soldiers and police began regular sweeps of the street, looking under cars, poking at trash bags, removing cardoard boxes left out for garbage collectors, chatting with staff of the corner bistro. Looking for bombs, in other words. Now I am nervous a slight bit.

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