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Thursday, September 23, 2004

[E] Real Stuff

I saw another day on one satelite Travel channel or another an ad for something called "RealTV". It goes like this:
In a dirty alley two policamen, hunkered behind a squad car, are exchanging fire with a young 'bag guy'. The guy runs out of ammunition, reloads, wounds one of cops, and then the third policeman appears with a machine gun and cuts the 'bad guy' down. The twist is that the machine gun is a broom or something, sidearms are fingers, and people go "pow, pow, ratatata, ka-pow" at each other. After the "battle" is finished, a voice-over says: "It is better when it's real, isn't it?" over the cut to quick succession of scenes of cars crashing, shootouts filmed from a chopper, bungee jumps with the cord too long... You get the idea.

My late friend Darko used to call this kind of programs the most morbid pornography. Sickening.

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