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Sunday, September 26, 2004

[E] Good Samaritan

I went today to Paris Autoshow. Entering metro, I saw a tall young black guy sprawled on the floor. He looked asleep. He probably was asleep, as Paris homeless people sometimes are on metro benches. Perhaps he was dead, in which case there was nothing to be done. But he might, just might, had been in some kind of trouble (drunkenness, overdose, stroke...), and not beyond help.

Nobody paid any attention; actually, everybody pretended not to notice him; myself included. On next station I saw several RATP emploees chatting; I did not exit and alert them, although half a minute before I thought "If I see someone...". On my destination there were people from RATP security and police; I did not alert them, either. I can't say why.

The young guy is probably OK, if a bit hung over. But I, instead of feeling like a good Samaritan for a trivial act of tugging some guard's sleeve and pointing to the lying figure, I feel ashamed.

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