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Sunday, April 13, 2003

[E][P] Bad News All Over (but we expected them, didn't we?)

In Israel/Palestine fanatical Moslem suicide bombers (whose victims are mostly those who have nothing to do with Israeli occupation forces except perhaps by voting for Mr. Sharon) and IDF 'surgical strike' helicopters, bulldozers and demolition squads (who also mostly target civilians and an occasional Western peace activist) are joined by an oldfashioned Jewish terrorist group.

India borrows from US book: Defence Minister George Fernandes said he endorsed Foreign Minister Yashwant Sinha's recent comments that India had "a much better case to go for pre-emptive action against Pakistan than the United States has in Iraq."

US occupation troops in Iraq seem to guard only weapons caches and oil production facilities and infrastructure need to operate them (like power plants). Meanwhile, looters have moved from palaces and villas to government offices, shops, museums, schools and hospitals. The Fourth Geneva Convention makes it responsibility of occupying power to ensure some resemblance of normal life to civilian population under its control. See here for a partucularly vitriolic view on how 'The Coalition of Willing' is faring in sticking to the Convention.
In the meantime, Secretary Powell repeats 'warnings' to Syria (and handwaving about missing WMD), while infighting within southern Iraqi Shiite community continues.

US administration keeps busy trying to strip Americans of as much of their civil liberties as they can get away with (see here, here, here....).

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