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Saturday, March 08, 2003

[E][P] A Presidential Candidate I Could Vote For

I have often read posts by Americans rejecting UN right to influence USA policy, since 'they did not elect them [UN]'. A friend of mine turned the argument upside down: if a country pretends to be a global power or 'influence', the whole world should have a say in choosing its leadership.

Well, should I be given such a right to vote for American president, Dennis Kucinich, Democratic member of Congress from Ohio, is a candidate I would vote for. His presidency would offer hope for internally strong and cohesive America, not the one stumbling from crisis to crisis and covering them up by bullying everybody else, America more respected and less resented, more cooperated with and less plotted against. There is much more to building a great nation than likes of Mr. Wolfowitz can imagine, and Rep. Kucinich looks as if he might have what it takes.

Since I don't have a say in it, I can only hope our American friends will see past hollow propaganda of best politicians money can buy and finally vote for a guy who seems to genuinly have their collective interest in mind. Besides, his last name sounds as if his familly might have roots on these shores :-)

I will not miss the opportunity to turn your attention to another fine publication, the one where I found the article on Mr. Kucinich.

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