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Saturday, February 15, 2003

[E] On My Blogging

When my first company bought one of the first Sun Netra computers in order to establish 'web presence', facilitate communication with customers (mostly banks at the time) and, if possible, offer some kind of 'e-services' to local businesses, we had contract #7 with our friendly local monopoly backbone provider. So, you could safely call us early adopters. Part of our presence were to be employee's personal pages (everybody was expected to make one, if only 'Hi there, I am Joe' kind of page).
I clobbered together a few rudimentary pages (still over here, nothing much to be seen), with intention to eventually experiment with various presentation techniques. I was also to post (again, mostly as a technical experiment) random thoughts and proverbial rants and raves.
Some bad things happened, one of them being loss of our company through criminal extortion. I forgot about my personal home on the web, having more pressing worries.
Time passed, we built another company, but I did not revisit my home page. I occasionally took part in various newsgroups, but was disapointed by signal to noise ratio there. Then, an Italian lady I occasionally exchange e-mails with started her weblog, and I was reminded of my ancient 'rants and raves' idea. Add to that a frequent need to scream at incompetent or corrupt politicians, moronic jurnalists or thick clients, wish to share a word or two on a good book or movie, and availability of no-brainer blogging services that eliminate any excuse stemming from lazyness, and there you are....

I don't know whether this will be my permanent web log site. I would like to be able to separate posts by theme and language, and make possible for visitors (if any) to comment. In fullness of time I might even revisit idea of setting up something of my own :-). In the meantime, thanks for the visit!

Note to native (and other good) English speakers: I do appologize for any mistakes, and kindly ask you to point them out to me.

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